Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Client's decluttering success continues

I love catching up with clients. At the beginning of the week I was chatting to a lady who hired me a couple of years ago.

Her specific challenge back then was a tiny home office for her business, which had to serve as an occasional guest room, as well as somewhere for her children to practice their musical instruments.

We had an enormous sort out which took several hours. Suffice it to say that lots of stuff was thrown out and plenty more was reorganised. In fact, she was so chuffed she kept the ‘after’ photo as a screen saver on her computer – just to remind her to keep it tidy.

Recently she’s taken her office to the next level. She was beginning to feel hemmed in and thought it was time for another big shake up. The bed settee was relocated to the conservatory. Not only has this created space in the office, the conservatory is now somewhere she and her husband can sit and relax. She had the realisation that in her office the settee had simply become a dumping ground for ‘stuff’.

Since moving the settee and having another good sort out she finds she’s got more work. I get a sense that now the office is solely a space for her business, there is less distraction whilst working. In gaining focus she has been able to convey her business offering with more clarity and professionalism to her potential clients.

Not enough room to swing a cat?
So, what would you gain by sorting out your office?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The clutter behind your front door

My client this morning had decided she wanted us to work on decluttering her hall.

I was impressed by her train of thought, which she explained to me.  She knew there were other areas of her home that were more untidy and chaotic, but she recognised the impact of the hallway on how she felt energetically.

She is a hardworking single parent and is often not home until gone 6.30pm.  By this time she is tired and stressed as a result of her work.

The hallway is of course her first glimpse of home - not the welcoming oasis she would like it to be.  In her own words, she told me that she experienced a "sinking feeling" on opening her front door. 

So, after a decluttering session she's looking forward to coming in her front door and not immediately feeling even more stressed.  Nor will she fall over the assorted boxes and bags that were in that area.

She also recognises that she can invite callers to step inside, rather than keeping them standing outside. 

It doesn't sound like much, but for my client its a few steps nearer to her thinking of the house she lives in as a home where she can relax and entertain friends.

If you'd like help with any decluttering project, please do get in touch via my website.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

When decluttering - accentuate the positive!

Last week a new client hired me for a six hour decluttering session in her home.  The results were really positive.  We tackled two rooms and my client was enthused by the idea of creating space, getting organised and chucking out what she no longer needed.  Her only proviso was that she preferred to recycle things.  Well, that was fine by me, that's what I always advocate - it's important to feel good about what you get rid of.

So today was her follow up call.  I asked how she'd been getting on and she told me things had been dreadful.  Due to the effects of a bad cold she'd not done much.  I asked a few questions and then the real story emerged.

  • She has managed to maintain both the rooms we worked on
  • She has given some stuff to a family member with a specific need
  • She has plans to deliver a large amount of items to a charitable recipient
  • Her son is keeping his room tidier than he did previously
I gently pointed out that, actually - this was a good result, worth celebrating.  Just because there's more to be done, don't allow that to stop you from acknowledging the positive steps you've made.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Are you overwhelmed by clutter?

Or maybe you feel overwhelmed, but hadn't made the link with your cluttered living space?

My clients are people from varying backgrounds with a variety of organisational issues. The one thing they do have in common is that when they contact me they are in a state of overwhelm.

Depending on your own current situation, you could be looking at others and making the assumption that their lives run like clockwork and their homes are immaculate and well ordered.

Think again. You see, it really isn't about the volume of clutter, or even the type of clutter.  It's the impact this clutter or sense of disorder has on a person's daily life.  Sometimes the clutter itself harbours some challenging emotions.  Somtimes amassing possessions is just another way of bottling up emotion. 

Now that can feel overwhelming.

If that strikes a chord, I can help - please get in touch via the Organised Chaos website.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Helping you find your perfect storage solutions

I love it when an opportunity presents itself!

One of my clients contacted me recently with a dilemma and wondered if I could help.

Since it involved lack of space, too much stuff and not much organisation, then I was certainly up for the job.

This client had recently treated herself to a new carpet which had created a lovely luxurious feel to her room. Having emptied the room in order to have the carpet fitted, she was reluctant to clutter the room again by just replacing everything as it had been.

So, what to do?

This was a challenge as the room was tiny.

So, I paid her a visit with my measuring tape and we discussed what she wanted from her ideal storage solution.  Having made a few notes I have now done some internet research and have compiled a report with various options.  This will give her some ideas and save her a vast amount of time. 

Could you benefit from a storage review?